techniques Dental Lab, Inc. - Fixed crown and bidge, laminate veneers, implants

Ceramic Restorations

Porcelain To Metal

  • Full Coverage Posterior
  • Full Coverage Anterior
    • Porcelain to High Noble
    • Porcelain to Semi-Precious
    • Porcelain to Non Precious
    • Metal Occlusal (High Noble Alloy)
    • Implant Crown  (High Noble Alloy)

CAPTEK Crowns & bridges  (capillary technology) - Beautiful, healthy and durable - Designed to mimic healthy natural tooth structure, reduce plaque and bacteria, while providing exceptional strength and durability.

All Ceramic

PROCERA  (Nobel Biocare) - Unsurpassed translucency with superior esthetics and strength

  • Procera Alumina
  • Procera Zirconia
  • Procera Custom Abutment
  • Procera Implant Crowns and Bridges
  • Procera Laminate Veneers

LAVA  Zirconia (3M ESPE)  Crowns and bridges

Porcelain Laminate Veneers 

  • Finesse Porcelain
  • (Pressed) All Porcelain Crown
  • Laminate Veneers

Custom Shading (In Lab)

Custom contour to match shape guide "Dickerson Shape Catalog"

Composite Restorations

  • BelleGlass Inlay/Onlay
  • BelleGlass Full Crown

California Bridge (no metal) Pontic

All Metal Restorations

  • Full Cast Crown
  • Inlay/Onlay
  • Full Cast (20% Gold)

Precision Attachments

  • Keyway
  • Tubelock
  • ERA
  • Implant
  • Precision Attachment
  • Implant Components

Maryland Bridge


  • Duralay Coping
  • Retainer Wing
  • Rest
  • Bridge Connector
  • Captek Bridge Connector
  • 360 Degree Band
  • Contour Crown to fit existing partial
  • Survey Crown with rest seat for future partial denture
  • Strip & Rebuild due to shade change
  • Porcelain etch
  • Diagnostic wax up 
  • Custom Shading (In Lab)
  • Articulate to semi-adj. articulator


Techniques Dental Lab, Inc.     667-B Lakeview Plaza Blvd.   Worthington, Ohio 43085

Phone: (614) 846-3121   Fax: (614) 846-0833




Belleglass Inlay, Captek Copings, Finesse Veneers, Gold Inlay, Porcelain to Precious Metal Bridge/Crown, Gold Crown, Procera Zirconia Bridge (coping to completion)




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