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Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM)         All Ceramic Restorations Precision Attachments  
  PROCERA    Keyway  
Porcelain to Metal   (Alumina)   tubelock  
(High Fusing) High Noble or Semi-Prec (Noble) Alloy Posterior   ERA  
Full Coverage Posterior       Anterior   Implant (x1) Labor  
Full Coverage Anterior           Precision Attachment (x1) Labor  
Bridge Connector     (Zirconia)   Implant Components  
360 Degree Band     Posterior  
Porcelain Butt Margin     Bridge Connector   Miscellaneous  
  High Noble Alloy       OSHA Crown Sterilization  
Metal Occlusal       Implants   Rest  
Implant Crown (Low-Fusing)       (Zirconia)   Duralay Coping  
    Custom Abutment   Retainer Wing  
CAPTEK    Implant Crown   Articulate to semi-adj articulator  
Full Coverage Posterior     Implant Bridge   Diagnostic Wax up (x1)  
Full Coverage Anterior     (Alumina)   Survey crown with rest seat  
Bridge Connector     Implant Crown   for future partial denture  
    Implant Labor   Contour crown to fit existing partial  
    Soft Tissue Model   Multiple unit labor (4 or more)  
              Strip & rebuild due to shade change  
www.techniquesdentallab.com         LAVA (3M ESPE)   Rush Work           20% surcharge  
          (Zirconia)   No charge for: Articulation, Models,
          Anterior   Die Trimming, Plaster & Stone work.
All Metal Restorations       Bridge Connector   TIME SCHEDULE
Post & Core     Finesse   Porcelain to metal Crowns & Bridgework (up to 3 units)
Direct Casting     Laminate Veneer   8-10 working days average
Crown with Post (One piece)     Pressed Crown  
Full Cast Crown     Porcelain Etch   All Ceramic Crowns
Full Cast Crown     10-12 working days average
  Maryland Bridge  
Composite Restorations       Pontic Full Cast Crowns
Belleglass Full Crown Wing 8 working days average
Belleglass Inlay/Onlay     Etch  
California Bridge Pontic     Free Pick-up & Delivery in Columbus area Cosmetic Cases & Larger Bridge Work (4 or more units)
California bridge Wing     Free DHL Shipping both ways outside Columbus 10-12 working days average
Connect Reinforcement Ribbon    
Micro Etch & Primer     Service Policies
BelleGlass Post & Core       The Laboratory will be closed Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays.  All pricing subject to change witout notice.
Remake policy: responsibility is limited to fitting of models poured from impressions supplied. Remakes will be charged at full price when customer is advised of inadvisability of
proceeding, but still requests work to be completed as scheduled.  Payment: 30 days net from statement date.
Guarantee: for a period of one year from delivery date, if any case fails due to break down, or faulty design, we will repair or replace at no charge. Porcelain veneers are exempt.